Chania – Lazareta – Thodorou – Menies – Choironisia
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Chania – Lazareta – Thodorou – Menies – Choironisia


Embark on an unforgettable voyage along the mesmerizing shores of Crete with our boat tour from Chania to Lazareta, Thodorou, Menies, and Choironisia. Feel the gentle caress of the Mediterranean breeze as you depart from the charming harbor of Chania, adorned with its iconic Venetian architecture—a perfect starting point for your adventure.

Our first stop, Lazareta, beckons with its intriguing history—a Venetian quarantine station steeped in tales of centuries past. Stroll along its pebbled shores and envision the lives that once sought refuge within its stone walls. As our boat effortlessly glides through the sea, we arrive at Thodorou—an uninhabited islet revealing its secrets amidst pristine beaches and rocky terrain. Dive into the crystal-clear waters or explore the island’s natural wonders, steeped in myths of ancient gods and wild goats. Our journey continues to Menies, also known as Diktynna, offering pristine pebbled shores surrounded by rugged cliffs and clear turquoise waters—a secluded beach ideal for tranquility and natural beauty away from the crowds. Finally, we reach Choironisia, where pristine beauty awaits amidst crystal-clear waters and rocky landscapes—a peaceful haven accessible only by boat, perfect for exploration and relaxation.

Whether you’re basking in the warm glow of the sun on the deck or immersing yourself in the wonders of Lazareta, Thodorou, Menies, and Choironisia, this nautical odyssey promises an unforgettable fusion of Cretan history and natural beauty.


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  • 1 Chania Old Port

    The starting point of all our adventures. Find us outside the sailing club.

  • 2 Lazareta Island

    One of the small islands in the bay of Chania, an ideal spot for diving and exploring the seabed.

  • 3 Thodorou Island

    A peaceful seaside retreat for the Kri Kri. Unique view of the entire coastline of Chania.

  • 4 Menies Beach

    A secluded paradise ideal for relaxing on the beach and coastal exploration.

  • 5 Choironisia Bay

    In the east we will meet the bay of Choironisia, where the steep cliffs mingle with the crystal clear waters.

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