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Kreta Mare – Polina


Don’t you have a license? No problem. With Kreta Mare – Polina, you can become the captain of the group, even without previous experience. Our team at Discovering the Sea provides a short training – briefing to ensure you are comfortable handling the boat. Equipped with safety equipment, sun protection, plenty of storage space and comfortable sailing, Kreta Mare – Polina promises a trouble-free excursion.

Embarking on a maritime adventure with Kreta Mare – Polina unveils a tapestry of enchanting destinations around Chania, each beckoning with its own allure. Beginning at the historic Chania Old Port, where the journey commences outside the sailing club, travelers are whisked away to Kalathas Beach, a sun-drenched haven boasting crystal-clear waters perfect for leisurely swims and sun-soaked lounging. Aspra Bay entices with its rugged cliffs inviting daring dives into the azure depths, while Tersanas Beach offers a serene escape with its soft sands and inviting cerulean seas. Venturing further reveals hidden treasures like Machairida Beach, a secluded paradise adorned with powdery sands and emerald waters.

Mavrovouni Bay promises tranquil moments for seabed exploration or blissful sunbathing aboard the boat. The journey culminates at Thodorou Island, a sanctuary for the elusive Kri Kri goats, providing a panoramic vista of Chania’s coastline. Nearby Lazareta Island invites intrepid souls to delve into its underwater wonders through diving excursions. Each destination paints a picture of serenity and adventure, inviting travelers to weave unforgettable memories amidst Chania’s stunning landscapes and pristine waters.

Experience true freedom and create unforgettable memories amidst stunning images and crystal clear waters.


  • Name of boat:
  • Νumber of seats:
    Up to 6 people
  • Engine:
    Mercury 30hp
  • Boat length:
    5.5 meters
  • Construction year:


  • 1 Chania Old Port

    The starting point of all our adventures. Find us outside the sailing club.

  • 2 Kalathas Beach

    Ideal beach for sunbathing and swimming in crystal clear waters.

  • 3 Aspra Βay

    An ideal spot to enjoy the game by diving from the rocks.

  • 4 Tersanas Beach

    Along the coastline we will meet Tersanas beach, with soft sand and charming blue sea, ideal for refreshing dives.

  • 5 Machairida Beach

    A hidden paradise with soft sand and sparkling green waters.

  • 6 Mavrovouni Bay

    One of the most beautiful spots for exploring the seabed or sunbathing on the boat.

  • 7 Thodorou Island

    A peaceful seaside retreat for the Kri Kri. Unique view of the entire coastline of Chania.

  • 8 Lazareta Island

    One of the small islands in the bay of Chania, an ideal spot for diving and exploring the seabed.

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